Volume 1: Energy Innovations: Accelerated Deployment, New Concepts, and Emerging Technologies

Development and Deployment of an Integrated Microgrid Incorporating Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage and EV Charging Sadrul Ula, Jubair Yusuf, A S M Jahid Hasan



High penetration of intermittent renewable energy creates challenges to system integration. Large solar production during the day shifts peak grid demand to evening hours. These along with random nature of EV charging require distribution scale testbed for thorough analysis. In this paper a larger testbed system that is developed and deployed at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) is described. The technical challenges to implement this testbed and make it operational are discussed. A multiobjective problem is formulated and strategies based on that are developed for the implementation of three microgrids. Operational results and environmental benefits are presented including a zero net energy building (ZNE), battery energy storage, peak shaving to help the local utility on their historic highest demand day.

Keywords —Sustainable integrated grid, EV charging, battery energy storage, zero net energy building, renewable energy optimization.

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