Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Development of a comfort platform for user feedback: the experience of the KTH Live-In Lab Rolando Davide*, Molinari Marco



This paper presents the comfort platform created within a research project carried out at KTH Live-In Lab in Stockholm, Sweden. The KTH Live-In Lab is a platform of buildings to test and promote innovation into the built environment. The Live-In Lab includes several buildings with state-of-the-art and expandable sensor infrastructure.
The comfort platform has been created to manage user feedbacks in buildings. The comfort platform includes a user-friendly web application and a cost efficient sensor device that allow to exchange feedbacks with the building users.
The comfort platform is proposed as a possible solution to bridge the gap between modern smart buildings and existing buildings with limited sensor capability.
This paper describes the comfort platform and the environment where it has been tested. The paper also summarizes the preliminary findings and the potential large-scale implementation.

Keywords Energy efficiency in buildings, buildings digitalization, user feedback in buildings, smart buildings

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