Volume 25: Accelerated Energy Innovations and Emerging Technologies

Development of a Digital Twin Platform for Industrial Energy Systems Paul Schwarzmayr, Felix Birkelbach, Lukas Kasper, René Hofmann



The reduction of waste heat in energy intensive industrial processes in combination with digital technologies will play a key role for the development and decarbonization of modern industrial energy systems. In the last few years, a significant share of the CO2 related to energy was emitted by the industry sector. Since industrial processes often are batch processes, waste heat recovery in these processes requires thermal energy storage systems for closing the temporal gap between energy supply and demand. The ongoing digitalization in the field of industrial energy systems enables modern applications like digital twins to increase the efficiency of energy intensive processes. This paper presents the implementation of a five-dimensional digital twin platform for a packed bed thermal energy storage test rig. The five-dimensional digital twin platform allows the development of services and applications in interdisciplinary teams and facilitates their interaction on a standardized platform. By that the digital twin helps to make modern industrial energy systems more efficient.

Keywords thermal energy storage, digital twin, packed bed, energy efficiency, waste heat recovery, decarbonization, industrial energy systems

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