Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Dynamic model for large scale hot water storage tank Milan Zlatkovikj, Hailong Li, Valentina Zaccaria



Due to the growing share of intermittent renewable energy sources (RES), the requirement for flexibility in the energy system is increasing to balance the generation and demand of electricity. It has been well recognized that Combined heat and power plants (CHPs) can contribute towards improved flexibility in the energy system. Thermal energy storage (TES), using hot water as working fluid, is a commonly integrated in CHPs, which allows for decoupling of heat and electricity generation. It has been verified that proper control of the operation of TES can improve the flexibility provided by CHP. The development of advanced control system relies on accurate dynamic modeling of TES. In this work, a one-dimension (1D) dynamic model for large scale TES is developed in Dymola, based on mass and energy balances. It is validated against the operational data from a real CHP plant. Results show that the model can capture the dynamic variation in the operation of the TES energy content with maximum deviations of 6.5% from the maximum value.

Keywords Combined heat and power plants (CHP), Thermal energy storage (TES), flexibility, dynamic model, large scale.

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