Volume 48

Dynamic operating characteristics of air-source heat pump system in public buildings Y.L. Liu, J.B. Fan, Y. Cao, Z. Wang, X. Cui, L.W. Jin



Air-source heat pump, as an efficient and clean heating methods, have significant potential in the electrification of energy terminals within public buildings. This study delves into the suitability of air-source heat pumps for use in public buildings located in severe cold, cold, and hot-summer and cold-winter regions. Considering the performance adjustments required under defrosting and low-temperature conditions, the heating system is constructed using the TRNSYS software. The hourly operational characteristics and dynamic control strategies of heat pump clusters are simulated and analyzed across various climate regions and public building types. The results reveal a positive correlation between the COP of heat pump systems and outdoor temperature, with COP values of 1.64 (Harbin), 2.57 (Beijing), and 2.81 (Shanghai), alongside average operation numbers of 16.6 (Harbin), 7.5 (Beijing), and 2.6 (Shanghai). Notably, the COP remains unaffected by the type of public building. This study aims to offer valuable insights for the application and regulation of air-source heat pumps in public buildings.

Keywords air-source heat pump, public building, heating, coefficient of performance, control strategy

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