Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Dynamic Power Flow Analysis Considering the Primary Frequency Regulation Based on the Fast and Flexible Holomorphic Embedding Method Luo Wang, Xia Zhao, Xinyi Li, Hong Tan, Xinxin Feng



A higher penetration of renewable energy poses challenges to the operation of the power system. However, compared with the traditional power flow analysis, dynamic power flow models are more realistic. On the other hand, though the holomorphic embedding (HE) method and its variants, such as the fast and flexible holomorphic embedding method (FFHE) have shown a great potential in the traditional power flow analysis, there is no research on the dynamic power flow based on the HE method. Therefore, this paper proposes a dynamic power flow model considering the primary frequency regulation based on the FFHE method, which is based on the HE method but shows a better performance than the original HE method. The case study shows that the proposed model can obtain a dynamic power flow solution with the same accuracy as the result obtained from the Newton Raphson iteration, and the calculation efficiency is higher.

Keywords dynamic power flow, primary frequency regulation, fast and flexible holomorphic embedding, power system

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