Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Effect of Bowed Stator on Aerodynamic Performance and Structural Strength of a High-Loaded Turbine for CAES System Xing Wang, Yangli Zhu, Xuehui Zhang, Ziyi Shao, Wen Li, Haisheng Chen



The efficiency of high-loaded axial turbines significantly influences the performance of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system. In present study, the effect of bowed stator on aerodynamic performance of a turbine is investigated by further considering structural strength of rotor. A fluid-structure interaction model is thus proposed, and the variation of isentropic efficiency, mass flow rate, stress and deformation of rotor with bowed parameters of stator are revealed. The bowed stator with bowed angle of 15 and normalized bowed height of 0.3 are suitable in present study, which also increases the isentropic efficiency at variable operation condition without influencing the stress significantly. The obtained results can provide a useful guide for design, optimization and application of the turbine in CAES system.

Keywords ompressed air energy storage, turbine, bowed stator, fluid-structure interaction, CFD

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