Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Effect of large Scale of Coal-fired Units Directly Coupled to Biomass Power Generation on some Boiler Parameters Hu Wang1, Kai Zhang2, Xiaole Huang2, Yuhao Wu2, Shengwei Xin1, Peng Zhang1, Peiqing Cao1, Lei Deng2*



In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the environment while improving the efficiency of biomass utilization, the use of coal-fired units coupled with biomass power generation is one of the important ways to achieve carbon reduction in coal-fired units in the future. In this paper, thermal calculations and analysis of a 300 MW power plant are studied based on the law of conservation of energy. The effects of coal-fired units on boiler parameters when blended with different types and proportions of biomass are investigated at BMCR, 75% THA, 50% THA and 30% THA loads, and corresponding improvement suggestions are given.

Keywords coal-fired boiler; biomass; direct coupled power generation

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