Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Evaluation of the Uniformity of Heat Flux Distribution on Water Wall of a 600 MW Boiler under Varying Load Conditions Debo Li, Maobo Yuan, Hongkai Liao, Ying Wu, Yong Liang, Yongxin Feng, Jielian Zhou, Hu Liu, Lei Deng, Defu Che



With the development of renewable energy generating, the conventional power plants put forward higher requirements for flexible load regulation. While the heat flux distributions on water walls could change at varying load conditions. In the present study, the numerical simulation model of 600 MW tangentially coal-fired boiler was established to calculate the heat flux on water walls. The results revealed that the center of the heat flux area has a small offset with the geometric center of the furnace. The boiler load, primary air rate, air staging, burner and SOFA air swing were adopted as influencing factors to heat flux distribution, the heat flux deviation coefficient is selected as the index of evaluation. Orthogonal analysis indicated that the order of the influence of various factors was: boiler load >
burner swing > air staging > SOFA air swing > primary air rate. The research was expected to provide the suggestions for the boiler operation and retrofit.

Keywords heat flux distribution, membrane walls, uniformity evaluation, wide load

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