Volume 15: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part IV

Experimental study and thermal analysis on an integrated solar-air source heat pump system Sujie Liu, Huan Zhang, Zhimeng Qi, Shijun You, Wandong Zheng



Compared with air source heat pumps, solar assisted heat pumps have attracted more attention due to the efficient utilization of solar energy. As an important component of SAHP system, the design of collector-evaporator is mainly focused on improving the absorption of solar energy, and neglect the effective utilization of air energy. Low solar radiation cannot provide enough heat to meet users’ demand on cloudy or rainy days. Therefore, a new type of integrated solar-air source heat pump system is proposed, taking into account the utilization of solar energy and air energy at the same time. To study the heating performance of the SASHP system, an on-site measurement is carried out. The results show that the collector-evaporator has higher evaporation temperature than the traditional evaporator, and the evaporation temperature increases as the ambient temperature rises. Furthermore, the SASHP system COP is 4%-7% higher than that of the traditional ASHP system.

Keywords collector-evaporator, solar assisted heat pump, experimental study, heating.

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