Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Experimental Study on the Effect of Injection Parameters On Combustion and Particulate Size Distribution of Partially Premixed Combustion Fueled with N-butanol Peng Chen, Xinlei Liu, Zunqing Zheng, Mingfa Yao, Hu Wang, Haifeng Liu



In this paper, the effects of injection parameters on combustion and particulate size distribution of partially premixed combustion (PPC) fuel with n-butanol were investigated experimentally. High concentrations of particle emission for the n-butanol PPC combustion are observed. The particle sizes are primarily concentrated within 64nm. With the advance of the start of injection (SOI) timing, more particles are formed and the particulate size distribution curve shifts towards right (larger size). In addition, the pilot-main injection strategy can effectively reduce the maximum pressure rise rate (MPRR). Furthermore, through adopting appropriate injection parameters, the MPRR and particle number can be reduced simultaneously, while still maintaining a comparable indicated thermal efficiency compared to the single injection strategy.

Keywords partially premixed combustion, n-butanol, injection strategy, particulate size distribution

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