Volume 15: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part IV

Global optimization energy management based on “Cyber-physical system – Dynamic Programming” (CPS-DP) YanKong, NanXu



With the Intelligent Connected Vehicle, Intelligent Transportation System and data mining technology, information sharing provides the feasibility for real-time application of global optimization energy management. To standardize the optimizing process, a framework of “Cyber-physical system – Dynamic Programming” (CPS- DP) is proposed. Based on the Internet of Vehicles, the information from various physical subjects (mainly refer to drivers, vehicles, and roads) can be acquired from different scenarios. For the stochastic information, the “drivers-vehicles-roads” co-constraint model is proposed to determine the speed limits. Based on the available information, optimal power distribution is determined in the control system. The keys are to determine feasible work modes based on the “kinetic/potential energy & onboard energy” conservation framework and develop an effective global domain-searching algorithm. To verify the proposed method, a case study (WLTP) is given. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed method gains a better performance in both real-time performance and global optimality.

Keywords Cyber-physical system, standardization, real- time application, global optimization, energy management

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