Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Health-Aware Energy Management Strategy for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Soft Actor-Critic Algorithm Weiqi Chen, Jiaxuan Zhou, Chunhai Wang, Xinfu Pan, Xinwei Fan, Jiankun Peng



Energy management strategy plays an important role in improving fuel economy and prolonging life time for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle. To keep charge margin and reduce overall driving cost which consists of fuel consumption and health degradation of power battery and fuel cell, this paper proposes a novel energy management strategy based on Soft Actor-Critic, a fully-continuous deep reinforcement learning algorithm. Numerous simulation experiments manifest that the proposed method can obtain excellent balance between charge-keeping and money-saving both in charge depleting and charge sustaining modes. Results suggest that running FCHEV in low charge for long time should be avoided.

Keywords Energy management, fuel cell, hybrid electric vehicle, state of health, soft actor-critic, multiple objective optimization

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