Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Heat Transfer Matching Design And Optimization Of Solid-State Electric Heating Thermal Storage System Zuoxia Xing, Jinpeng Fan, Lei Chen, Weichun Ge, Fengsheng QI, Di Li



The solid-state electric heating thermal storage system is an emerging large-capacity peak shaving technology in the power grid. The studying of the heat transfer matching characteristics is of great significance for improving reliability and heat transfer performance of the solid-state electric heating thermal storage system. In this paper, by establishing the heat transfer rate balance equation and the performance evaluation criteria, the correlation between the design parameters and heat transfer matching of the thermal storage system is analyzed. The results show that the temperature of the thermal storage unit increases linearly with the increase of electric model heating power, decreases exponentially with the increase of hole ratio and circulating wind speed. The reduction of the electric heating power and the increase of the circulating wind speed can enhance the heat efficiency and the temperature uniformity. However, the turn-on of the circulating wind will cause a sudden change of heat efficiency and the temperature uniformity. Changing the hole ratio has little effect on the heat transfer matching performance. The experimental verification proves that through the Multi-parameter collaborative optimization, better heat transfer matching performance can be achieved.

Keywords solid-state electric heating thermal storage, heat transfer matching, heat transfer rate balance, performance evaluation criteria

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