Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Impact Analysis From Driving Patterns and Environmental Conditions on the Operational Range of Electric Vehicles J.A. Dominguez-Jimenez, J. Campillo *



As the power sector decarbonizes, transport becomes the main driver of CO2 emissions growth. However, sustainable road transportation is nowadays achievable throughout the electrification of propulsion systems as it represents a promissory to achieve the climate goals. In this paper, a library developed using the object-oriented mathematical modelling language Modelica was used to simulate the impact of different driving behaviors, more specifically top-speed and acceleration rate, on the operational range of an electric vehicle. Results found differences over 50% on the operational range of the vehicle with different acceleration rates and cruise speeds selected. Furthermore, this paper analyzed the impact of external environmental conditions on the battery range. It was found that sub-zero temperatures could reduce driving range by over 17%. These results offer great insights for successful implementations of eco-driving modes on electric vehicles, as well as designing efficient driving strategies for autonomous cars.

Keywords Electric Vehicles, Mathematical Modelling, Modelica, Range Anxiety, Driving Behavior

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