Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Integration of Multiphase CFD Models With Detailed Kinetics to Understand the Behavior of Oxygen Carriers Under Pressurized Conditions Pietro Bartocci, Alberto Abad, Arturo Cabello Flores, Margarita de las Obras Loscertales Navarro, Matteo Pelucchi, Wang Lu, Haiping Yang, Haibo Zhao, Qing Yang, Lu Wang, Tero Joronen, Jukka Konttinen, German Sastre, Francesco Fantozzi



The Power Sector is undergoing a rapid technological change with respect to implementation of low carbon technologies. The IEA Energy Outlook 2017 shows that the investments in Renewables for the first time are equal to those on the fossil sources. It is likely that the conventional gas turbines and internal combustion engines will need to be integrated in systems employing biofuels and/or CCUS (Carbon Capture Usage and Storage). Also, the European Union is moving rapidly towards low carbon technologies (i.e. Energy Efficiency, Smart Grids, Renewables and CCUS), see the Energy Union Strategy. This paper presents the basic for the design of CLC combustors to be coupled with gas turbines. Based on CFD modeling and detailed kinetics models.

Keywords Chemical Looping Combustion, Bioenergy, Carbon Capture and Storage, Computational Fluid Dynamic, Gas Turbines

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