Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Monarch Butterfly Optimization for Optimal Integration of Renewable Energy Resources in Distribution Systems pushpendra Singh, S. K. Bishnoi, Nand K. Meena, Jin Yang, Eduardo Vega-Fuentes



In this paper, monarch butterfly optimization is introduced to solve an optimal deployment problem of renewable energy sources in distribution systems, aiming to minimize annual energy loss and node voltage deviation of the system. Solar photovoltaic and wind turbines are considered and formulated for a benchmark 33-bus distribution system. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique, obtained simulation results are compared with some of the wellknown optimization methods available in literature. The comparison shows that the monarch butterfly optimization has better solution searching ability for real-life engineering optimization problems. Additionally, it provides a higher energy loss reduction.

Keywords Distributed generation, distribution system, energy loss, monarch butterfly, optimization

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