Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Optimal Operation of Islanded Vehicle-Borne Microgrid under a Limited Fuel Constraint Quentin De Boever, Jiangfeng Zhang, Beshah Ayalew, Pierluigi Pisu, Matthew Castanier, Annette Skowronska



The operation of microgrids (MGs) has garnered much attention in recent years due to their potential for leveraging renewable and non-renewable energy sources in a well-integrated system. One MG configuration which has not been extensively studied is the islanded vehicle-borne MG (VBMG). Optimizing the operation of any MG is important to ensure power security, resilience, and cost. The main factor considered in this paper is an operational condition in which additional fuel supply cannot reach an islanded VBMG. This paper discusses the optimal operation a VBMG while maximizing the amount of time given finite fuel constraints. The result can be key to ensuring successful power supply for critical tasks in applications such as disaster rescue and recovery, mobile medical services, and military applications.

Keywords mobile microgrid, optimal operation, vehicle-borne microgrid

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