Volume 12: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part I

Optimal scheduling of multi-energy hub systems with incomplete information Jing Xu,Yu Huang,Dongfeng Wang,Li Sun



It is difficult to ensure the completeness of information obtained in the market competition, so the study of optimal scheduling of multi-energy hub systems with incomplete information plays an important role in the stability and economic operation of the system. However, the energy hubs in the multi-energy hub systems restricted each other, and the optimal modeling with integrated demand response was affected by user behavior and market information asymmetry. Therefore, in view of the competition among energy hubs under the dynamic electricity price mechanism, incomplete information game was adopted to solve the optimization scheduling problem of multi-energy hubs under the condition of incomplete information. According to the difference of the behavior characteristics of users participating in the comprehensive demand response, the interruptible load type participating in the demand response was modeled as discrete random variables by introducing the user load interruption willingness factor. Furthermore, a multi-energy hub systems optimal scheduling model with incomplete information demand response selection was established and its Bayesian Nash equilibrium was given. Then the examples were given to verify the validity of the model and the method. The results show that the comprehensive demand response and incomplete information have an important impact on the dispatching decision of multi energy hub system. When making decision, it is necessary to consider all kinds of situations that may be formed due to incomplete information.

Keywords The multi-energy hub system,Incomplete information game,Economic dispatch,Integrated demand response,Bayesian Nash equilibrium

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