Volume 44: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VII

Optimizing Smart Distribution Network Expansion Incorporating the Seasonal Impacts, CO2 Emissions and Resources Remuneration: A Multi-Stage Stochastic Framework Fábio Castro, Bruno Canizes, João Soares, José Almeida, Zita Vale



Making the leap toward a clean future can be challenging. Network planning is essential to combat those challenges. This research work focuses on the planning field, dealing with daily uncertainty, energy storage systems, remuneration of distributed resources, and CO2 emissions while considering the impacts of the seasons on the network expansion. In that regard, a multi-stage stochastic optimization model is proposed to minimize all planning costs and CO2 emissions. The model is tested in a 180-bus realistic 30kV medium- voltage distribution network in the Leiria district, Portugal, with high renewable energy penetration, in a 30-year lifetime project.

Keywords Carbon Emissions, Energy Storage Systems, Remuneration of Resources, Renewable Energy Sources, Seasonal Impacts, Uncertainty

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