Volume 24: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part VII

Plant-based Green Wall in Office Environment-Part 2: Steady-State Numerical Simulations Baris Burak Kanbur†*, Girish Karthik Karra Raveendran†, Swapnil Dubey, Pudupadi Balachander Rajesh



Plant-based vegetation systems are economically feasible and energy-efficient applications to reduce particle matters and volatile organic compounds in indoor environments. The impact of these systems depends on their location and operating conditions. This study focuses on the impact of a real plant-based green wall system, which consists of 128 plants, on a real Lshaped office environment with a total area of 162 m2. The steady-state numerical model is constituted for the whole office area and the trends of air velocity and the air exchange per hour are investigated in the office. The results are compared to the same office environment without green wall scenario, and it is seen that the air exchange per hour is improved by more than 40% for the whole office environment at 1 meter level above the office ground. The outputs of the steady-state model are also found useful for further simulation cases including a transient investigation.

Keywords Green wall, vegetation systems, indoor greenery, indoor environment, air quality, computational fluid dynamics.

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