Volume 1: Energy Innovations: Accelerated Deployment, New Concepts, and Emerging Technologies

Potential roof area for photovoltaics in a Swedish municipality Ying Yang, Jinyue Yan



The focus of this paper is on the estimation of building roof area for solar PV systems, potential solar PV installed capacity and power generation in Vasteras, a typical Swedish municipality. The following sectioning of different building types has been investigated: Residence, Industry, Social function, Business, Economy, Complement, and Others. In the following sections, an estimate of available roof area potential is calculated by considering factors such as rooftop orientation, shadows and obstacles. With appropriate rooftops covered with commercial solar cells, combined with the average solar irradiation, PV panel efficiencies and other system parameters, the total solar power potential PV peak power output from the region is considered and the potential annual energy production is calculated. This will give a picture of how much the electricity demand will be met by rooftop PV deployment. We get those new understanding of roof area distribution and potential outputs that can largely help solar energy policy formulation in the city.

Keywords building rooftop area potential; installed capacity potential; solar power potential; GIS

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