Volume 38: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part I

Power Coordination Control Method of Wind Turbine Considering Power Demand Characteristics of Hydrogen Production System Junxiao Xia, Jiawei Chen, Lei Wang



Among the relatively mature new energy generation technologies, wind power has attracted widespread attention for rich reserves and pollution-free emissions. However, wind power generation has randomness and volatility, posing a huge challenge to power quality and stability. With the rapid development of technologies such as water electrolysis and breakthroughs in key technologies, wind energy hydrogen production technology provides new ideas for solving problems such as poor power quality and strong voltage fluctuations in wind power generation systems. This paper fully considering the electrolyzer dynamic power variation requirements and the wind turbine output power variation characteristics, designs a constant bandwidth MPPT control strategy to achieve on-demand power output of the wind turbine; at the same time, smooth the output power, achieve dynamic coordination of power between the wind turbine and the electrolyzer system. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed coordinated control method is verified through simulation.

Keywords power coordination control, wind turbine control, constant bandwidth MPPT control, wind power hydrogen production system

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