Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Reliability Assessment of Rural Clean Energy Supply System Based on Accurate Modeling of User Demand Hong Liu, Chenxiao Zhao, Shaoyun Ge, Yuchen Cao, Jingyi Liu



The popularity of electric heating equipment in rural areas has led to an increase of the peak load of electricity. In order to ensure the reliability of the system, the indoor building heat balance and the flexible comfort requirements of users can be comprehensively considered. So we propose a reliability assessment method of rural clean energy supply system based on accurate modeling of user demand. Firstly, the rural clean energy supply system framework is constructed, including the system-side equipment model and userside building heat balance model. Secondly, we model the user’s flexible comfort requirements, which derive indicators of the reliability of energy supply considering flexible comfort requirements. Thirdly, the method of fault impact analysis of rural clean energy supply system is proposed, and the load reduction strategy at failure time and the process of reliability assessment are formulated. Finally, through practical examples, we compare the reliability indicator whether considering the user’s flexible comfort requirements and the building heat balance characteristics or not, which prove the improvement of the reliability of energy supply of the whole system of the proposed method.

Keywords Building Heat Balance, Customer Comfort, Clean Energy Supply System, Load Reduction, Reliability Assessment

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