Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

Reliability Assessment of Spatial-Temporal EV Charging Penetrated Distribution Network Yue Xiang, Zhuozhen Jiang, Junyong Liu, Ping Xue, Yanxin Chai, Shuai Hu



Due to the introduced spatial-temporal uncertainty and flexibility of the increasing Electric vehicle (EV) charging load, distribution network operation will be greatly impacted by the large-scale EV charging power. This paper proposes a reliability assessment approach considering the stochastic EV charging and movement in an integrated power and traffic system. The improved sequential Monte Carlo method is applied to evaluate the reliability of distribution network. Based on a spatial-temporal charging load model, the influence of different factors on the reliability for distribution network is analyzed in a case, including permeability and the ratio of trip chain, which provides a theoretical basis for the formulation of orderly charging strategies and the planning of charging stations. Furthermore, the reliability analysis considering the future distributed generators (DGs) and EVs development mode is given.

Keywords Electric vehicle (EV), charging load, reliability assessment, distribution network, improved Monte Carlo method

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