Volume 34: CCUS Technologies for the Carbon Neutrality: Part II

Research & Development of Core Equipment for CO2 Fracturing Technology YANG Yanzeng, NIE Jun, YE Wenyong, Wang Yu, ZHANG Dongzhe, Zheng Weishi, Tan Huan, FAN Yanan



CO2 fracturing is an important measure to realize the implementation of the “carbon neutralization” policy characterized by carbon recycling. Conventional fracturing equipments is difficult to meet the technical requirements of CO2 fracturing, so it is necessary to promote the promotion and application of this technology through the research and development of core equipment. In combination with the technical characteristics and the special nature of CO2, The core equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights – CO2 closed sand-mixing device and N2 pressurization device have been developed successfully, which solved the problems of CO2 closed sand-mixing and displacement & fluid supply”.With the steady progress of the “dual carbon policy”, the core equipment for large-scale CO2 fracturing with large sand volume and sand ratio needs to be developed urgently. This article introduces the development direction of the core equipment from two aspects: closed continuous sand mixing technology and CO2 gasification pressurization technology. The successful development of these two core technologies will greatly promote the industrial application of CO2 fracturing technology in the future.

Keywords CO2, fracturing, core equipment, gasification, displacement & fluid supply

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