Volume 15: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part IV

Research of the Peak Current in Lithium-ion Battery Application with AI Zhicheng Xu, Jun Wang, Peter D. Lund



In this paper, the maximum charging or discharging current that the lithium-ion battery can withstand within safe voltage constraints, i.e., the peak current is researched. The equivalent circuit model is employed to describe battery dynamic. Three model parameter identifying methods are discussed to evaluate its influence on the peak current calculation. Results show that the parameter accuracy of both the offline and online methods is far lower than that of the optimization method. Moreover, the artificial intelligence is adopted to accelerate the prediction of peak current. The mean absolute percentage error of prediction results is only 0.373% and 1.447% for charging and discharging process, indicating its validity and practicability.

Keywords Lithium-ion battery, Peak current, Parameter identifying, Artificial intelligence

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