Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Research on Double Peak Pulse Width Modulation for Active Power Factor Corrector Yihui Xia, Feng Yang, Zhihao Ye,Xiaofeng Zhang, Xiao Han



Aiming at the defects of high harmonic distortion in input current and big volume of filter inductance of single pulse width modulation (PWM) for active power factor, a double peak PWM for active power factor corrector (active PFC) is proposed, and the working mode of which is analyzed. Input current harmonic characteristics with the single and double peak PWM are comparatively analyzed, theoretical analysis shows that the double peak PWM can significantly decrease input current harmonic. Simulation results indicate that the input current THD with the double peak PWM is lower than that of the single PWM, and the volume of the filter inductance is reduced. Simulation results verify that theoretical analysis is right and the proposed double peak PWM is feasible.

Keywords single pulse width modulation, double peak pulse width modulation, input current harmonic, active power factor corrector

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