Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Selective Packet Dropping Attacks to BESS-integrated Smart Grids Yongdong Wu, Xin Li, Zhiquan Liu, Jilian Zhang, Kaimin Wei, Bingwen Feng and Dejia Lin



As an important component for tackling temporal variability of renewable energy sources, a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) periodically produces control packets to realize conversion between DC battery energy and AC energy. The present paper proposes attacks to a BESS-integrated smart grid by selectively dropping the control packets according to the unique dynamics of DC-AC energy conversion process in a BESS. As the present attacks are able to distort the grid voltage and frequency far beyond the limits specified in IEEE standards 519, hence may have detrimental effects on electrical equipment in single-phase/three-phase smart grids. The analysis and simulation results show that the attacks are viable. Finally, the paper proposes countermeasures on the present attacks by protecting channel’s time-stamp and control signals.

Keywords Smart grid security, Cyber-physical system security, Packet dropping attack, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS )

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