Volume 17: Technology Innovation to Accelerate Energy Transitions

Study on the Impact of Wind Turbine Relative Position on Power Output Performance Haiying Sun, Hongxing Yang



This paper systematically investigates how the wind turbine relative position influences the power output of the wind farm. Firstly, an engineering three-dimensional (3-D) wind turbine wake model is introduced. The novel 3-D wake model is relatively accurate, and can quickly predict wind speed at any downstream position and at any height. Then, based on the wake model, how the hub heights and relative position of wind turbines affect the wind speed and power are deeply studied. The influence depends largely on the specific situation. Especially when decreasing the hub height of downstream wind turbine, the impact of wake can be reduced, but the equivalent wind speed will be decreased as well. Therefore, the influence should be evaluated according to the specific hub height change and the relative downstream distance.

Keywords wake effect, hub height, relative position, wind energy

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