Volume 33: CCUS Technologies for the Carbon Neutrality: Part I

Study on the temperament of CCUS-EOR supercritical/dense phase pipeline in Daqing Oilfield Li Yuchun, Meng Lan, Li Yanchun, Wu Wei, Liu Yong, Han Chonglian



The best way to connect CCUS-EOR carbon source and carbon sink is Supercritical long-haul pipeline containing impurities of carbon dioxide. Due to the variety of source of carbon and capture technologies, the combination of carbon source impurities has diversity. Carbon sink also has certain requirements on carbon source components owing to the specificity of reservoir and the requirements of oil displacement and storage injection system facilities. To sum up, it is necessary to study the limit of carbon source temperament composition which can not only satisfy the matching of carbon source and carbon sink, but also ensure the safe long-distance transport of carbon dioxide containing impurities in the supercritical phase [10]. This article obtains from the source of carbon source and capture process analysis of carbon source, and the content limits of various impurities are studied according to the requirements of carbon sink injection engineering and oil reservoir enhanced oil recovery, which in all at the same time in the process of research and analysis through the impurities in supercritical carbon dioxide/dense-phase long-distance pipeline safety transportation technology requirements and characteristics of Daqing area meteorological environment, in the end, the suitable source – sink matching temperament is given. Impurities in supercritical carbon dioxide long-distance pipeline temperament limit mainly include carbon dioxide, water, total quantity of non-condensable gas and hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide content limit value, whether its value is scientific or not is not only crucial to the safe operation of the pipeline, but also have a huge impact on the benefit and effect of CCUS-EOR as well as the investment and cost of capture construction. This study will provide technical support for the construction and operation of the whole industrial chain of CCUS-EOR in Daqing Oilfield.

Keywords CCUS-EOR, carbon dioxide pipeline, supercritical phase transport, impurity component limit

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