Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Study on Wind-Solar Complementary Water Supply Technology for Arid Pastures in North China Wang Xingtian, Hou Shiwen, Wang Shifeng, Zhu Junfeng



Arid pastures in northern China are scattered and large in area. Most pastures have no conventional energy power to provide stable living and production water for residents. In this paper, the typical pasture in northern China is taken as the research object. Relying on the abundant renewable energy resources and good complementarity of wind and solar energy resources, the technology of wind-solar complementary water supply for pasture is studied. In order to verify the applicability of wind-solar complementary water supply technology, water supply experiments were carried out in summer and winter in Siziwang Banner Pasture. The results show that the guaranteed rate of water supply in the experimental area using wind-solar complementary water supply technology is 142%, which fully meets the design requirements, and solves the problems of water consumption for living and production of the residents in the experimental area. It fully shows that the technology of wind-solar complementary water supply is an efficient solution to the problem of water supply in arid pasture, which provides reliable technical support for water supply in pasture.

Keywords renewable energy resources, water supply technology, wind-solar complementary, pasture

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