Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Techno-Economic Comparison of Low-Carbon Fuels for Hybrid SOFC-ICE System Yimin Li,Dongjiang Han,Jun Sui



Renewable energy will be globally implemented through energy carriers in the low-carbon energy system. This paper first analyzes the chemical properties of methanol, methane, and ammonia, and then constructs detailed models of solid oxide fuel cells and homogeneous compression charge ignition engines. The lifecycle technical efficiency of methane, ammonia, and a combination of methane and ammonia is 30.8%, 30.7%, and 28.5%, respectively. The specific electric energy costs for methane, ammonia, and methanol are 1.64 CNY/kWh, 2.47 CNY/kWh, and 3.04 CNY/kWh, respectively. Currently, E-methane is more favorable compared to both ammonia and methanol, both in terms of efficiency and carbon emissions. In the future, the fuel costs for methanol, methane, and ammonia could be reduced to at least 1.02 CNY/kg, 2.47 CNY/kg, and 0.9 CNY/kg respectively. The electricity cost based on a hybrid SOFC-ICE system will be comparable to coal power generation.

Keywords methanol, ammonia, methane, power to gas

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