Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

The Adaptive Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Model of Shipboard Power System Under Sequential Relation YE Zhi-hao, MEI Dan*, Wang Gong-bao



Aiming at the deficiencies of node vulnerability assessment based on complex network theory, adaptive model based on multi-attribute to assess node comprehensive vulnerability of shipboard power network is proposed. First, the structural vulnerability and physical vulnerability is considered. Then, the multi-attribute methods were applied in adaptive comprehensive evaluation model to obtain reasonable weights allocation plan of two kind indices. The adaptive comprehensive vulnerability assessment model of shipboard power network consider both the topological structure of the network and the physical property of the components. Thirdly, prove the maximal element theorem under quasi-order to verify the reasonability of maximizing the evaluation function. Finally, the comprehensive vulnerability index is compared to traditional structural vulnerability index. The test on a ring shaped shipboard power network demonstrates the validity of the model.

Keywords shipboard power network, comprehensive vulnerability, multi-attribute, order relation, adaptive, weight

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