Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

The Thermal Stabilities of Li-Ion Batteries with Nickel-Rich Cathode: Effects of Cathode Morphology and State of Health Hungjen Hsu, Xiang Liu, Dongsheng Ren, Yu Wang, Xuning Feng, Languang Lu, Xiangming He, Minggao Ouyang



The safety issues of lithium-ion batteries, i.e. thermal runaway, have attracted abroad attention and become more critical with the increase of battery energy density. In this study, the thermal runaway behaviors of high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries with nickel-rich cathode are investigated considering the effects of cathode morphology and state of health. The results show that the safety behaviors of batteries with single crystal cathode is almost same as that with the poly crystal cathode. However, after cycling, the battery with single crystal showed worsen thermal stability after cycling at 45oC, as the onset temperature of thermal runaway decrease, while the battery with poly crystal cathode exhibited opposite changes.

Keywords lithium-ion battery, nickel cathode, battery safety, thermal runaway

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