Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Thermochemical Conversion of CO2 for the Production of Syngas of a Solar Driven Steam Reforming in a Solar Photo-Thermochemical Reactor: A Theoretical Study Fernando Antônio De Araújo Silva Filho, Jornandes Dias Da Silva



High temperature heat transfer, mass transfer, and thermochemical storage performances of the solar driven CO2 reforming of methane are numerically investigated along reactor length. A pseudo-homogeneous mathematical model is developed to simulate the heat and mass transfer processes coupled with thermochemical reaction kinetics in photo-thermochemical reactor with radiative heat loss. Thus, the temperature profile at the surface of the solid phase and the temperature profile in the gas phase are obtained. In addition, the conversions of reactants of CH4 and CO2 are studied under different operating temperatures. On the other hand, the DFR of H2 and QChem are also evaluated at the operating temperature.

Keywords Modelling, Reforming of CO2, Solar Energy, Photo-thermochemical, Hydrogen

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