Volume 17: Technology Innovation to Accelerate Energy Transitions

Unified Energy-Space Modelling of Multi-Energy- Carrier Systems applied to Industrial HVAC Pallavi Bharadwaj, Rupamathy Jaddivada, Dan Wu, Min Zhang, Marija Ilic



Modern infrastructure reflects energy nexus of multiple sources: gas, electricity, water & air. Different energy systems are modelled by unique tools but suffer from complexity, high computational burden & low accuracy due to lack of measured data for modelling. Many involve closed tools, making them inapplicable for other energy systems. A unified modelling is needed which interfaces different energy carriers under common modelling variables. Energy & power are common parameters that are attributed with all energy systems: chemical, thermal, electrical & mechanical. This paper contributes towards the development of a unified modelling of the multi-energy systems followed by its direct application on an industrial HVAC system, which can further be used in efficient and optimal control of the system for cost, energy, and carbon savings.

Keywords multi-energy carriers, unified modelling, industrial HVAC systems, energy modelling.

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